Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey guys! So I know I have been completely MIA for the past week. I had a little vacation and didn't make any videos. Then, I had some technical difficulties. What else is new? Any technology I touch, gets messed up. Only me.... Well anyways, I will be taping videos on my phone again VERY soon. I decided to do a segment type thing on my blog called a SPOILER ALERT!!!! I will tell you guys what video or videos I will be taping before I even tape them. The videos I say on this blog will be taped FOR SURE! I promise. So, onto the spoiling! I will be doing the Summer Besties Tag sometime this week and also a nightly make-up removing and cleansing routine. Those 2 will be recorded this week. Then, within the next month I will be recording............. A PRETTY LITTLE LIARS INSPIRED MAKE-UP AND HAIR SERIES! I'm not sure about the hair part yet, but the make-up I am positive about doing in the series. I will choose a picture of each girl and create my own personal spin on the look. I am a Pretty Little Liars addict, so I might also combine some of my favorite looks from the show as well as the picture so create my own inspiration. I am super excited and I hope you guys will enjoy it! Keep looking out for those videos! Also, comment if there are any videos you would like to see me do or which Pretty Little Liar you want me to do first. Also, let me know if you like this blog segment. You don't have to comment if you don't want to. You can email me at if you would like. Love you guys! Xoxo <3


  1. Can't wait for you PLL videos! I am a fan too :)
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  2. @stellarose67 Thank you!! I will enter your giveaway right now! I've always wanted to order from, but I never have. Thank you for letting me know about your giveaway!! <3

  3. Aww no prob! Make sure you are following my blog to be entered :) Also do you have twitter?

  4. Congrats!!! You have been AWARDED a Lovely Blogger Award!!!